Welcome to Sci Babies

Why why why?

No-one is too young to start finding out about the world around them. Young children are naturally curious – how many times have you heard the dreaded “Why?” question? Sci Babies embraces the “why” and encourages youngsters to find things out and investigate why things happen the way they do.

sweet experiments

Sci Babies offers science based activities to pre-school children in private or public settings. We are based in Durham but are willing to travel around the North East region and beyond

Venues and audiences include:

  • reception and KS1 school classes,
  • private day nurseries,
  • pre-school nurseries,
  • playgroups and toddler groups,
  • groups of interested parents or children.

Activities are adapted to the age group of the children and start from about 3 years with no upper age limit! Everyone who wants to gets to take part in the interactive activities that are developed to be relevant to the daily lives of the children. The workshops build the confidence of the youngsters in a relaxed environment. There are no wrong answers just different ways of trying things out.

All our workshops link to many sections of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework.


We are also able to incorporate staff development as part of the workshops and in twilight staff development sessions. This helps to make the Sci Babies experience sustainable in your organisation.

Sci Babies workshops are delivered by PhD-level scientists with extensive experience making science understandable and fun for children. We are professional science communicators. All our workshops have been tested by pre-school children! Science is our passion and we aim to inspire youngsters to be curious about the world around and be able to find things out for themselves.