Our workshops

Sci Babies workshops are hands on where all the children have the opportunity to getĀ involved.


Make a cloud, become part of the water cycle and make and test a windmill

Youngsters investigate pushes, pulls and spinning and launch their own rocket

Racing Ramps

Investigate how cars and other toys travel down different ramps

Slippery Slides20150604_150024

A practical investigation to find out which type of clothes make toy people slide the fastest

Light & Dark

A choice of practical activities depending on the age of the group: make a shadow puppet, investigate light, dark and shadow, colour mixing of light, sources of light, the Earth & moon and a rocket launch


Find out how sound is made and how we can make different sounds

Life cycles
This session is based around the life cycles of insects through popular stories, the children create a life cycle mobile

Please get in touch for more details. Workshops can be adapted to fit in with most topics or you can mix and match different activities. Or if you want something different – let’s talk!